Summer Workshops 2021

12 Summer Workshops (Ages 7 +)

If you are a Recreational Dancer, you want to continue dancing and you just want to learn some cool new moves this summer, then these workshops are for you!

If you are a Competitive Dancer, you want to keep training, you would like to improve or enhance your dancing skills or just dance for fun, then these workshops are for you!

These workshops are open to all Recreational and Competitive dancers existing or NEW! For ages 7 and up. If you have any friends that are new to Remix who want to try it out, they are more than welcome to join in the fun!

Sign up for all 12 and benefit from the package price, or sign up for individual workshops.

All competitive dancers must keep dancing and training over the summer months.  The reason for this, is to ensure that our dancers don't regress and that they keep improving their skills and techniques.  So when September comes around, our dancers will already have more experience and knowledge and they will be ready to tackle the new competitive season.  We want our dancers to get better every year and in order to do so, they must keep dancing and training.

Competitive students must complete the two following options:
1. Complete at least 6 of our Summer Workshops: you can choose between all 12 workshops offered
2. Complete at least 4 of our Competitive Intensives:  you can choose between all 8 intensives offered


Students who attend ALL Summer Workshops and ALL Competitive Intensives will have an increased chance of making a competitive team next year.  If students do not complete the 2 requirements above during the summer, they will not be accepted in one of our competitive teams in the fall.



Special package price $170.00


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