Competitive Kids & Teens

Type: Competitive
Price: $1275 + HSTAge: 7-19
Date: September - May

The Remix Dance competitive teams are regional and national award-winning. This program is offered to dancers who want to advance their technique, performance, drive, discipline, dedication, focus and passion. Our program aims to instill in each member the importance of upholding commitments, challenging oneself, working hard, achieving goals, and being a team player. Aside from gaining these values and skills, dancers also gain a lot of confidence, have more performance opportunities, make priceless memories, build lifelong friendships, and become a part of a great family atmosphere. If you want to take your dancing to the next level then a competitive team is for you!

All students must audition and be selected to be part of a team. Auditions are held at the end of August, so please check the Audition Schedule for all the info.

Dancers will learn 1 Mix from Sept to March. 
Dancers will compete in 3 dance competitions 
Dancers will perform at all the Remix Shows (3)
You can find all this info and more on our portal site under Dancer Info and Competitive Dancer Info.

Cost & Payments

Includes Cost Payment Options
2 performances per show
2 Year End Shows
3 Dance Competitions
28 weekly classes
2 hours per week

Full Program = $1275
Remix T-Shirt = $25
HST = 13%
TOTAL = $1469.00

Additional costs:
Costumes (appx 175-275$)
Remix Outfit (appx 120$)
Mandatory Workshops (75$)
Photoshoot (45$)

OPTION #1 - Full payment online 
OPTION #2 - Full payment by cheque
OPTION #3 - 3 installments by cheque for Sept, Oct and Nov.
OPTION #4 - 5 installments by cheque for Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec & Jan
Cheques must be mailed to the following address:
Remix Dance, 1005 Diamond St, Rockland, ON, K4K 0H7

Dance Classes

We have classes offered in multiple cities, you can choose the one at the time and place your prefer.


Discounts and Specials


Receive a $40 discount for each additional registration when there is more than 1 students per immediate family.


All boys who register will receive $100 discount on any recreational class.

The discounts will apply automatically when you register online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I register and pay in person?
Yes. If you prefer to register in person, you can show up to our registration week period. Take a look at the registration dates on our sign up page.
2Where will the classes take place?
We teach classes in four different cities: Hawkesbury, Orleans, Embrun and Rockland. The class location is indicated in the table on the schedule page and on the individual clas pages.
3Are there any discounts available?
Yes, family discounts are offered when there is more than 1 student per immediate family. You save $20.00 per child. These rates do not apply if you are already using a Remix Coupon for the registration. The discount will apply automatically when you pay for each additional child online.
4What do I wear to dance class?
Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes to class including running shoes. Any comfortable clothes or the Remix T-Shirt are permitted. No tight jeans allowed, no crop tops, no short shorts. The Remix T-Shirts will be handed out to students before November 1st.
5How to I download the music my child is dancing to so she can practice at home?
You must login to Remix in order to access our music mixes as these are for registered students only. After you have logged in, you will be presented with a link to Play & Download Mixes under your My Menu.

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