Competitive Auditions

Remix Dance has the opportunity for competitive crews in each city if the demand is there. This a great opportunity to further your dance abilities with performances, competitions, and more challenging classes and workshops.

Some crews are more advanced than others and ages 7 and up are welcome to try out. All you need to do is show up and pay the $20 fee for the audition which consists of learning a choreography by one of our instructors. You'll perform the choreography in groups and there are no solo requirements. We hope to see you there!

Audition Schedule


This year we will be holding our Competitive Crew Auditions all in one city, Rockland.  These auditions will be for Individual City Crews and Hype, Reckless and Thrive Crews.  This doesn't mean you have to dance in Rockland once you make the team.  The reason we are doing this, is because it will be easier to see all our competitive dancers together and make the teams accordingly.  When you arrive at the auditions, you will be asked to fill out a form.  You will be able to select what options you are interested in auditioning for.  For example:  

What are you auditioning for?
1 - My individual city crew only.  You will be practicing in your own city every week.
2- Hype, Reckless or Thrive.  You will be practicing in Rockland every week.
3- New Mega Crew.  You will be practicing in Rockland every week.  This will be an extra class, separate from your competitive crew.  Dancers must be part of a competitive crew in order to be part of this team.  
4- I am interested in all of the above.


What is the difference between the Hype, Reckless and Thrive crews and the Individual City crews?

The Hype, Reckless and Thrive Crews are for our more advanced competitive dancers. Usually, these are dancers who have danced at a competitive level in their own city or at another school for a few years, however, everyone is welcome to come try out. These dancers perform at all the Remix Shows, attend 3 dance competitions and have their own professional photo shoot. Regular practices are 2 hours long, once a week in Rockland only.

The Individual City Crews are for any dancer from that city who would like to try out for a competitive crew. These dancers perform at their own Remix Show and the Live to Dance Show. These dancers attend 3 dance competitions. Regular practices are 2 hours long, once a week in their own city.


  • The audition consists of students learning choreography taught by a Remix instructor.
  • You don't have to invent your own dance or dance alone for our auditions.
  • Students will perform the choreography they learned in different groups in order for the instructor(s) to evaluate them.
  • The audition fee is 20$. Cash or cheque will be accepted.

You don’t need to register for the auditions in advance, you can just show up to any one of our locations and bring the 20$ fee!


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