Remix Dance is a community-based dance school for youths of all ages specializing in recreational & competitive Hip Hop choreography. Our recreational and competitive classes run during the fall and winter and in the summer we host workshops.


Type: Recreational Price: $459 + HSTAge: 3-4 Date: September - May

Preschool Hip Hop teaches foundational dance concepts such as learning rhythms, imitating choreography, and developing body control. We teach classroom etiquette, such as taking turns, speaking up at the right time and following a lesson plan. All instruction takes place using kid-friendly Hip Hop music and movement, often integrated into games to keep our young ones motivated and having fun. This class is great for helping outgoing children to learn to express themselves properly in a group environment, as well as help those who are more shy to gain more confidence.

Preschool classes are all 45 min, once a week .  Dancers learn Mix 1 from Sept to Dec, learn Mix 2 from Jan to April and learn a Finale number at the end of April.  These dancers will then perform Mix 1, Mix 2 and the Finale number at their big Year End Show in May.

Get In Touch

Bonnie West

Dance Director, 2002-Present

Bonnie West is the founder and owner of Remix Dance Academy. Bonnie is a highly motivated professional with an extensive artistic range in Hip Hop dance instruction, choreography, staging, and management. Combining her vast experience and a real passion for dance, Bonnie provides a unique and highly enjoyable learning experience to her students.

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