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Would you like to have Remix design a choreography for your bridal party entrance dance? Fill out the form below to save your date!

Are you looking to add a little special something to your First Dance?

Make your First Dance as newlyweds a memorable one, for not only yourselves but your family and friends as well. Imagine dancing to your slow song and then suddenly surprising your guests with a fun and energetic hip hop dance to liven up the reception! 

You can have your First Dance professionally choreographed to the music or remix of your choice. Our goal is to help make your wedding day even more memorable. 

Remix also offers a variety of other different services to cater to your wedding needs. Choose any one of the services below to treat your guest or just as an excuse to get everyone together for a good time.  Here are the services that we offer:  

What we offer? Description
Newlywed Grand Entrance Walk in the reception in style.  Have a group of performers introduce you and dance along side with them to a cool hip hop song of your choice
Wedding Party Entrance Find a cool entrance for each couple walking in, including the bride and groom.  Have a special song selected for each entrance
Newlywed First Dance Learn a choreographed routine to perform as your first dance. Choose your own music and the music edits will be made for you
Wedding Party Dance Have the whole wedding party learn a choreographed dance routine to perform in front of your guests.  Great way to liven up the reception and start the dance party
Bachelorette Parties Have a Remix choreographer come in to teach some hip hop steps for your bachelorette party.  This is a fun & interactive way to get your guests up and moving on the dance floor!
Live Performance Be entertained by our group of professional dancers performing a hip hop dance routine at the wedding. This is also a great way to rock the reception and get the party started
Total Package 
The Total Package includes the Wedding Party Entrance, the Newlywed First Dance, the Wedding Party Dance, the Bachelorette Party and the Live Performance. 

Pricing for wedding choreography:

  • 1 lesson - $90.00
  • 3 lessons - $250.00
  • 5 lessons - $375.00
  • 8 lessons - $600.00

The cost include:

  • Consultation with the choreographer
  • Complete choreography to your selected song
  • CD of song for you to practice and keep
  • Music Edits
  • Dance Performances

Prices may vary depending on your request. Please contact Remix Dance in order to discuss details with the Dance Director and to get a more accurate quote.


  1. All Lessons are 1.5 hours long.
  2. At least 24 hours is notice is required to cancel; no refunds for last-minute cancellations.

Provide a brief description of how you envision your wedding bridal party entrance dance to go.

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