Request a HIP HOP dance class in your area

Remix is not bound by physical location as we don't have a set dance studio where all our students must travel to. If fact, we are mobile as our business model allows us to rent space where and when we need it. As long as we have an instructor and students, we can offer a HIP HOP dance class!

If you'd like Remix to set up a dance class program near you and you're willing to help us out by speading the word, let us know by filling in this form and we'll see what we can do! In return for your help, we'll offer you a 50% discount on family's registrations.

Specify the name of the township or city area where you would like Remix to offer HIP HOP dance classes.

Tell us a bit about why you think this could work in your proposed area, how many students would be interested, and what are their age ranges? REMIX requires at least 8 students of the same age range in order to start a class.

Do you have a potential instructor in mind? REMIX has a professional HIP HOP dance instructor certification program that all our instructors are required to complete before being able to teach to our students.

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