2018-2019 Teens and Adults Competitve Advanced

12 and up
Remix Teens and Adults Hip Hop Competitive Advanced

These are available for ages 12 and up (BY AUDITION ONLY)

Dancers in this program will be selected to be part of Thrive, Reckless or Hype.  These classes are for our more advanced competitive dancers.  Usually, these are dancers who have danced at a competitive level in their own city or at another school for a few years.  These dancers have a solid understanding and execution of advanced techniques in hip hop, can learn and strongly execute choreography at a fast pace and have outstanding work ethic, commitment and focus.

Dancers who participate in this competitive program will have 2 classes per week, a total of 3 hours per week.  They will have a 2 hour regular class where they learn choreography for their mix and 1 hour class where they will learn choreography for their Large Group number which they will both compete with at all our competitions. 

Dancers compete in three to four competitions during the dance season and perform in ALL our year end shows.

This is a serious program that requires hard work and commitment. We require that the dancers and parents read the following page before agreeing to this year’s Competitive Team.  We require 100% commitment from both the dancers and their for the success of the entire studio!

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You will receive an email from us before your first class to let you know the following details: Group Name, Day of Class, Time of Class, Location, and Teacher.
All students must purchase a costume for the Final Show, this is not optional. Costume prices range depending on the style of the costume. We do everything we can to keep the costs low. Most of the costumes you purchase can be found at home or re­used after.
A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is required upon registration.

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