2018-2019 Preschool Recreational - Fall

3-4 years
Remix Preschool Recreational Hip Hop

These are available for ages 3-4 years old

These Preschool Hip Hop classes are for kids 3-4 years olds.  In this class, we teach foundational dance concepts such as learning rhythms, imitating choreography, and developing body control. We teach classroom etiquette, such as taking turns, speaking up at the right time and following a lesson plan.

All instruction takes place using kid-friendly Hip Hop music and movement, often integrated into games to keep our young ones motivated and having fun. This class is great for helping outgoing children to learn to express themselves properly in a group environment, as well as help those who are more shy to gain more confidence.

We will have two separate sessions, our Fall Session and our Winter Session.  Students can register for both, however, only students who register for the Winter Session will perform at the Final Show.  There will be a mini recital for the parents of those participating in the Fall Session.

Here are the details:

- Classes in Rockland, Hawkesbury, Embrun & Orléans.
- Fall Session is from September to December for 14 weeks
- Winter Session is from January to April for 14 weeks
- The cost for the 14 weeks is 219$

Follow these steps to register for either one of our programs:

1- Login to your account or create an account

2- Click Register Now

3- Fill out the registration form

4- Make your payment

You will receive an email from us before your first class to let you know the following details:  Group Name, Day of Class, Time of Class, Location and Teacher

Click on a location for more detailed information about: class schedules, registration, competitive auditions, photoshoot dates, final show rehearsal dates and final show dates.

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