5678 Showtime

ALL our competitive dancers will be competing at this event.

Here is the schedule: 

Dancers City Entry# Category Date Time
DIVERSITY Rockland 94 Hip Hop April 26 1:46pm
Award Ceremony   2:15pm
JUSTICE Orleans 105 Hip Hop April 26 4:23pm
STAMINA Rockland 167 Hip Hop April 26 8:25pm
INTENSITY Hawkesbury 168 Hip Hop April 26 8:30pm
Award Ceremony 9:45pm
WORLD CLASS Rockland 253 Hip Hop April 27 12:07pm
Award Ceremony 1:30pm
FLAWLESS Hawkesbury 405 Hip Hop April 28 9:43am
Award Ceremony 2:00pm
THRIVE Rockland 504 Hip Hop April 28 5:31pm
Award Ceremony 9:30pm
UNLIMITED Embrun 642 Hip Hop April 29 3:45pm
HYPE Rockland 643 Hip Hop April 29 3:50pm
XCLUSIVE Orleans 644 Hip Hop April 29 3:54pm
RECKLESS Rockland 656 Hip Hop April 29 4:48pm
WEST CREW Rockland 661 Hip Hop April 29 5:11pm
Award Ceremony 6:15pm

Please read the following Competition Rules in order to be well informed of what is expected for each dancer before the competitions take place. It is VERY IMPORTANT that EVERYONE reads these rules before attending any competition. 

Thu, Apr 26 2018 (All day) - Sun, Apr 29 2018 (All day)

Fairmont Tremblant Hotel, 3045 Chemin de la Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant, QC

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