About Us

Remix Dance offers bilingual, for recreation or competition, HIP HOP dance lessons and workshops for beginner,
intermediate, and advanced levels to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults in the Ottawa, Ontario area with locations in
Ottawa, Orleans, Clarence­Rockland, Hawkesbury, and Embrun.


To create a positive community-based environment for youths to express themselves through Hip Hop dance.

Company Overview

Founded in 2002, Remix Dance Academy offers recreational & competitive Hip Hop dance lessons & workshops for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults to express themselves and grow in positive and dynamic environments across various community-based locations in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Glengarry—Prescott—Russell.

Hundreds of students between the ages of 5 to 20 attend a one hour weekly course from September to April and showcase their talent an annual dance show in May where family and friends are in attendance. Weekly classes are also offered in the Summer.

Advanced students earn the opportunity to audition for Thrive, Remix's elite dance troupe. Thrive performs at community events and competes regularly throughout the year as they continuously toy with the creative limits of modern Hip Hop choreography.

We are confident in the quality, appropriateness, safety, and correctness of our instruction and operations. Our goal is to ensure that every student has a satisfying, positive and rewarding dance experience. We embrace and welcome all students, new and returning.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About the Dance Director

Bonnie West is the founder and owner of Remix Dance Academy. Bonnie is a highly motivated professional with an extensive artistic range in Hip Hop dance instruction, choreography, staging, and management. Combining her vast experience and a real passion for dance, Bonnie provides a unique and highly enjoyable learning experience to her students. Bonnie continues to expand her dance skills & knowledge by taking classes and attending different dance conventions in the Montreal and Ottawa area. Learn more

What is Hip Hop?

Many people see Hip Hop as simply baggy pants, bandanas, cornrows, flashy gear, and loud music. For Remix, it means much more than that. Hip hop is more than just a form of music - it’s a form of expression. Through stylish clothing, confident personalities, and positive attitudes, a lifestyle, mind set, and culture is expressed. As a result, Hip Hop dancers develop their own unique identity.

Our story

It begins with Bonnie and her young cousins. As a teenager, Bonnie would teach dance choreographies and have them perform at each and every family gathering. The kids loved it! ...and Bonnie got really good at it.

In high school, Bonnie participated in the annual talent show where her leadership and talent for Hip Hop bloomed. For four consecutive years, she choreographed 5-8 full dance routines and taught them to 10-15 dancers where they in tandem performed in nightly spectacular shows.

After high school she got involved with Culture Shock Canada, a non-profit Hip Hop organization of excellence, where she worked on her dance skills, learned about the business, met some wonderfully talented dancers, and became a certified Hip Hop dance instructor.

Shortly after that, in 1998, Bonnie began teaching Hip Hop for Perfekto and Perfektarts Academy in Rockland, Ontario. For the next four years, the Hip Hop program grew as more and more students were drawn to Bonnie's talent and teaching style. But in the summer of 2002 the company folded without any warning, Bonnie was out of work, and dozens of students were going to be left without Hip Hop.

As Einstein once said, "in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity". With her brother's assistance and business experience, a company was founded and Bonnie set out into the world of entrepreneurship. The students were informed and invited to join, marketing efforts were launched, and Bonnie began building the foundations for her own Hip Hop dance academy.

From 2002 to 2006, Remix Dance Academy Inc. operated under the name of "Bonnie’s Hip Hop" and expanded operations to include Rockland, Hawkesbury, and Casselman. In 2006, the company was renamed to "Remix Dance" and has carried that name proudly ever since. Operations have since been expanded to include Embrun, Orleans, and Ottawa and the student base has reached 350.

Remix is uniquely specialized in Hip Hop choreography. This focus has enabled Remix to build a structure and discipline around the art of Hip Hop dancing. In 2007, Remix developed their own Hip Hop Instructor Certification program that includes a full handbook and an intense 2-day training course where potential instructors are trained in the custom Remix instructional methods for teaching Hip Hop choreography. Since then, dozens of Remix instructors have completed this program and have received their Remix Hip Hop Instructor Certification.

After 10 years in business, being involved in many local Hip Hop shows and events, and winning many competitive Hip Hop awards, Remix has become a recognized leader and experts in Hip Hop choreography across the greater Ottawa area. 

For Bonnie, Remix and Hip Hop dance choreography are her true passions in life. Being a dance professional means that she is constantly educating herself, pushing her limits, and staying true to her vision.


Remix Dance does not have one official studio, we rent out spaces from various community centres in these regions:

Hawkesbury ­ Orleans ­ Rockland ­ Embrun

Take a look at our LOCATIONS schedule to get details for classes that are happening each city. More can be added if the
demand is higher and we typically finalize our schedules and locations by the third week of September.

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